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Why Use CHAGA (kreftsjuke)

Oak and chaga


Chaga is the strongest natural antioxidant we know, and the fungus is an adaptogen that acts immunomodulating, cancer-inhibiting, invigorating, cleansing,  analgesic, lean, anti-inflammatory, and besides,  Chaga is both inflammatory and virus-inhibiting. These are properties that are gold worth strengthening the immune system.  Chaga is probably the fungus that has the greatest diversity of medicinal properties.


Chaga is a nutritious fungus containing several important minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, silicon), trace minerals (copper, manganese, germanium, cesium, rubidium, antimony, barium,  bismuth, boron, strontium), vitamins (B2, B3, D2), dietary fiber and an almost complete amino acid profile except for isoleucine. Besides,  Chaga beta-glucans,  betulin,  lanostane triterpenoids, and several other active substances.

Chaga contains very much germanium and zinc compared to the content of other foods. Betulin  (and betulinic acid) are medically active substances from the birch tree that are concentrated in the black outer layer of the Chagas fungus, which is found to contain around30%  betulin.

Many of chagasoppen’s cancer-inhibiting properties are linked to beta-glucans. However, the effect of beta– glucans is only one of the mechanisms that Chaga has to counter cancer. Chaga also has remarkably high values of the DNA-protective antioxidant melanin, which fights radiation by activating the pineal gland.
Prolonged intake of Chaga is associated with increased resilience to all forms of cancer (experience study from  Russia). All this allows chaga to be characterized as a”superhero” and a remedy that can support any other cancer-fighting therapy.

Chaga has a virus-inhibiting effect, and the antiviral effect is believed to be due to the content of betulin,  hispolon,  hispidine,  lupeol and mycostrool. The fungus helps the body to stimulate its own immune system by the fact that the 3-beta-D glucans, which are part of the cell structure of this week, cause a pansystemic moderation of the T cells, macrophages and neutrophil leukocytes. It has been established that the number and viability of these white blood cells increases by as much as 4,000% within 20 hours of taking chaga. Besides,  chaga  triterps contain compounds that support the thymus gland and spleen, which is important to ensure that immune cells are properly programmed


Chaga (Kreftkjuke)

What are Chaga??


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What are Chaga??


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