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What are Chaga??

chaga mushroom

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We pick and sank, and now it’s nice to sank chaga  which is a super fungus to strengthen the immune system. The fungus is easily recognizable on the white birch stems where you see it as a black-brown gnarled tumor-like shape. The  dark brown to black surface that is very hard and sharply cracked crisscrossed, making it look like burnt coal. The fungus can be somewhat brittle so that pieces of the surface can be easily broken off.

Here we mainly use chaga for  tea. You can easily do this by:

  • sank chaga  on  a  birch
  • divide the mushrooms into smaller pieces and dry in the oven at 40 degrees in hot air
  • mal chagaen  (feel free to use a coffee grinder)
  • boil water in a steel boiler, and put in chaga. Let the mushrooms boil in the saucepan for at least an hour.
  • the tea can either be drunk as is, or cooled and put in the refrigerator so you can drink a glass daily.

Here it boils up 2 liters of water and adds 1-2 tablespoons of chaga. This is boiled for an hour, then the mixture is sifted onto the flak and stored in the refrigerator. To strengthen the immune system, a glass is drunk daily.

Chaga (Kreftkjuke)

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