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Norwegian Fjord Water

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One of the cleanest waters on earth

Fjord Water’s source is located in Fyresdal, Telemark. Fyresdal is considered to be one of the cleanest places in Norway, with mostly untouched nature and a very low population at around 1000 inhabitants. Fjord Water is tapped at source, which keeps 8 degrees Celsius all year around and ensures cleanliness and quality.

Fjord Water is a 100% natural mineral water and are amongst the cleanest waters on the market.
Tapped at the source it is one of the few that actually can be classified as natural mineral water.
Total dissolved solids (TDS) represents the total concentration of dissolved substances in water. Under 300 mg/l is perceived as excellent, whilst above 1200mg/l is unacceptable. Fjord Water have amongst the lowest TDS in the bottled water market with only 13 mg/l.aAA

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