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Are Local Food Sustainable in Norway?

If we care for the Environment shud we are more self-provided local, import transport does today stand for a big part of the environmental issues. Can we start to needless, but richer and fresher more local and more personal experience to the product, local care. We shud be better to reduce the food waist and share more of what we are used to, because of the population grow

Can we think new or bring the old-time to the future to provide us self

Sustainable small-scale farming inside big cities, reducing transport use of fossil energy. Society gets to learn more about the ower habitat of producing food.

Hydroponic Growing House can reduce the import

Why shud we grow more healthy to take care of the soil and reduce carbon over weight`??


Moose sausage

Morrpølse from inland (Cured sausage)

Peppersalami from inland

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