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Customs rules and regulations – International


Only Green Trading has in collaboration developed and modernized old traditions in a new format adapted to today’s needs and lifestyle, “we bring quality traditions to the Next Generation by structure and effect”, by making it easier for you as a customer to have your needs met. quality products produced in Scandinavia

Through our web portal with the latest technology, combined with language knowledge and product knowledge of quality products and raw materials

Only Green Trading aims to optimize your user experience as a retailer looking for Scandinavian natural quality supplements or other Nordic quality products

We give you a helping hand with shorts cuts to obtain information for your country about import and customs rules for your country

We live in a modern time, and it is a dynamic time, where we are always on the go and mobile has become a widely used work tool and as a pastime tool.


Development has never been faster

Therefore, Bare Grønn Trading places high demands on you as a customer to have the optimal opportunity to see our product as it is either on mobile, tablet or PC where you are.

Time is money, therefore Bare Grønn Trading has different solutions for you, depending on “your needs”

Through Bare Grønn, you as a customer will receive top-class service and dynamic solutions, which save you valuable time.


Only Green Trading has the expertise, competence and experience that means that we have control of the entire value chain from raw material to product, so that our partners and producers maintain the quality, content and nutrition as described on the label.

Only Green Trading can together with its manufacturers guarantee that all products are produced in Scandinavia unless otherwise described on the product label

Only Green Trading aims to simplify the process for our customers if they want to become an importer of our products and where they can apply for an import permit in their country for our products and current customs rates for your country.


Customs rules for import










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