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Tea is a drink made by pulling leaves, shoots, and buds from the tea bush Camellia sinensis in boiled or hot water. Most of the tea is made from this plant. The four basic qualities are called white tea, green tea, oolong, and black tea.

 Tea is a drink made from dried leaves from the tea bush, Camellia Sinensis, or Thea Sinensis. There is a large bush in close line with the Camelia bush. The leaves are perennial, and they are rich in stone cells in the leaf meat. The flowers are white, and the fruit is a capsule with large seeds. The bush is found wild in Southeast Asia, several places in China and Japan, but has for millennia been grown for the sake of the leaves and is one of Asia’s most important utility plants. In the wild, the bush becomes 10-12 meters high, in the tea plantations usually only a couple of meters.

Tea contains around five percent caffeine (formerly commonly called tein), which has a stimulating effect, and around 15 percent tanning substances, which act astringently. The content of Tannic acid (polyphenol) may inhibit the absorption of iron from the food, and therefore tea should preferably be drunk after the meal (especially by people with a low blood rate). Tea also contains some essential oils that have an impact on smell and taste. A number of the substances in tea act, among other things, like antioxidants.


Tea from different areas has different taste marks. Much of the world’s tea sales have traditionally taken place in London, where specialists mix and sell different varieties. Some tea is scented with flowers or essential oils.

Certain types of tea are mixed with herbs that have various health-giving effects such as energy, combustion, relief, or relaxing

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