Secure Global Supply when you order from Bare Gronn Trading Main Companies involved in transportation of Cargo and agricultural products, non food and retail market We have the experience and partnerships needed to provide cutting edge transportation solutions. Big volume delivery of goods by air...

NS series

BARE GRØNN NS SERIES   NS is an abbreviation for Natural supplements, Nutrition supplement, Norwegian standard and North Scandinavia   The NS series is produced in northern Norway, which is part of Scandinavia, where the sun almost never shines, and cold dark winters with the...

Bioform series

The Bioform series is produced in northern Norway, which is part of Scandinavia, where there are long cold dark winters (Northern Vikings). with the well-known phenomenon Northern Light On the best raw materials from nature, either from the sea and to the forest at their...

Customs rules and regulations – International

Only Green Trading has in collaboration developed and modernized old traditions in a new format adapted to today’s needs and lifestyle, “we bring quality traditions to the Next Generation by structure and effect”, by making it easier for you as a customer to have your...

Contact Us

Our administration at Bare Grønn will do ower best to help you with your needs and look forward to hear from you. Product manager Andreas P. Jensen Key account manager Middel-East Dana M. Muhammed Key Account Orienten&Asia Dilshat Rezak Account manager Nordic...

About Us

Bare Green Trading aims to optimize your user experience as a retailer looking for Scandinavian quality natural supplements and gives you helpful shorts cuts to gather information for your country We live in a modern time, and it is a dynamic time, where we are...

Facts about Scandinavia

in norway there are 440,000 lakes   In Norway, people live on average until they are 82.3 years old In Sweden, people live on average until they are 82.2 years old Norwegians are more physically active the older we get, shows ssb`s when we turn...

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