Bare grønn

Norwegian Cured Food


How can i use Scandinavian spekemat??


Eat it as it is straight away, or you can decide to age it, to give it more Characteristics
Service with fresh fruit, jams, jellies, syrups, potato salad.
Traditionally you eat around 130-150gram pr person with side orders.
Have it inside a good sandwich with mustard or just a jelly, maybe a good salad.

What about a butter-fried croissant with some creamed eggs and a fresh slice spokesman on top.
Serve it together with good cheese and jelly, and some nice self-made bread.
Waffle with sour cream and some slice cured meat, put some micro herbs on top.
Dry it, make spice out of it, use it as umami or flavoring for other dishes.


Red wine Special from inland

Spice sausage from inland

Farmsalami from Inland

Deer sausage from inland


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