Proteins are important building blocks in our body. Proteins help maintain muscle mass as well as growth of muscle mass.

Proteins are used in many important processes in our body. In addition, together with carbohydrates, they can be an energy source.

why are Proteins needed when you exercise?

We need protein to build up and to maintain the body’s muscle mass. The excess of proteins we get
from food  can be used to form energy or converted into fat stored in the  body.

When exercising, it’s important that you get enough protein. Carbohydrates will give you fast energy, and can be combined with proteins as a particularly important energy source by strength and endurance training.

How much Protein do I need daily?

The Norwegian Directorate of Health recommends a diet containing  about  0.8 g of protein per kilogram of body weight to meet the daily need. That’s equivalent to about 10-20 percent of
your daily energy intake. Therefore, an adult
person should get about 60 g of proteins a day. If you train a lot you should increase your

Milk, fish and meat are examples of protein-rich foods, but also vegetable foods such as cereals, avocado, legumes, beans and nuts provide good supplementation of proteins.
the body has a higher absorption of proteins from vegetable plants

The proteins are composed of amino acids

The proteins are built up using many different amino acids. In nature, over a hundred different amino acids are found of which about 20 are common in animal organisms. Some of these building blocks can make the body yourself, while the essentials we depend on to get fed through the diet.

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