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Bioform series


The Bioform series is produced in northern Norway, which is part of Scandinavia, where there are long cold dark winters (Northern Vikings).

with the well-known phenomenon Northern Light

On the best raw materials from nature, either from the sea and to the forest at their best, products have been designed to cope with the harsh conditions of a long winter and cold winters that erode the body and head.


The natural diet products are designed for the modern age, where both stress and exercise can be a reason why you are unable to meet the needs of your body.

Where it can be difficult to find good natural supplements


The Bioform Series has taken into account lifestyle and beliefs in a Global Society, and has therefore chosen that all capsules are covered in vegetable starch


The series can be a good natural supplement for those who have:

– sleep problems

– muscle building

– testoron

– blood circulation and heart


– oxidants


– potency

– sleep problems

– manhood

skin and hair


– stiff joints and body

– stress relaxing

– Calming

– muscle relaxing

– slimming

– overweight

– invigorating


These products are not intended to replace ordinary food or meals, but are a natural supplement in a hectic everyday life where health and body are in focus, taking care of oneself inside and out.


There can be several reasons why you may feel tired and tired in everyday life.

Product series Bioform of natural ingredients of the highest quality can not prevent old age, but can help simplify everyday life as a natural supplement when the appetite is not or is at its height

Through Bare Grønn Trading, you only get health food of the best quality produced in Norway for the design of the modern Scandinavian in a hectic everyday life.

On the best raw materials from nature has to offer from sea to forest.

Green Trading is proud of the variations and lineup that meets the demand.


Care for the Enviroment

Only Green Trading, encourages everyone to help reduce plastic in nature, and encourages all buyers and consumers to either reuse the box or recycle it after use, if possible in your country

This is just one of Bare Grønn Trading’s environmental measures is to be able to publish information to buyers and consumers on our web portal about helping to encourage re-use, recycling and that it is harmful to nature and harmful to the environment and harmful to the environment.


Think of the future and our raw materials from nature, no nature, no natural raw materials.


So let us all help to inform our consumers, take care of nature and the environment by not throwing boxes away from us in Nature.

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