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When our body burns food using oxygen or  that our immune system fights invading microorganisms,  which causes  reactive oxygen compounds such as free radicals.

Antioxidants are the body’s natural defenses against reactive oxygen compounds, as free radicals are.
In  the body produces a number of enzymes that act as antioxidants. They work by preventing and defuse an excess of reactive oxygen compounds in the body. An excess of such compounds forms oxidative stress in the body. How are

How do Reactive oxygen compounds get formed?

Reactive oxygen compounds are constantly formed in the body as a byproduct when the body burns oxygen. An example of reactive oxygen compounds are free radicals. Antioxidants
that form in the body and help it break down the oxygen compounds that attack  the cells of the body..

The balance between the formation of the reactive oxygen compounds and their annihilation with the help of antioxidants is important for the body’s cells to function optimally.

It is estimated that each cell forms more than 20 billion reactive oxygen compounds every day at normal combustion, and each cell in the body is believed to be attacked by these compounds 10,000 times per day. The antioxidant enzymes the body produces are the body’s defenses against these compounds. The balance between the formation of reactive oxygen compounds and their annihilation with the help of the antioxidants is necessary for the body to function optimally.


A number of different links  help protectandhelp  cells against and prevent  oxidative stress:

Vitamins such as
Riboflavin, Vitamin C E
Minerals such as selenium, copper and zinc

produced by the body

How does  oxidativestress  stress occur in the body?

Increased production of reactive oxygen compounds in the body, such as free radicals, can cause the body’s antioxidant defenses not to extend.
Should there be a lasting imbalance between the amount of antioxidants and reactive oxygen compounds in the body, we say that the body is exposed to oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress can be compared to what happens when fat harshs or a nail rusts. There are many factors that lead to an increase in the formation of reactive oxygen compounds, such as exercise, solar radiation, malnutrition, smoking, pollutants/heavy metals and stress.

When the body is subjected to loads or pressure, the  body’s antioxidant defenses play a crucial role since theirtaskis to increase the production of the free radicals, which prevent oxidative stress..

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