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What is “Spesialitet Unik Smak

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Spesialitet – Unik Smak

Labeling scheme Specialty Specialty is an official information label awarded to the best local food and drink. The brand will promote local food and drink with special qualities and make it easy to find in the store.

Specialty guarantees that the food or drink is:

  • Based on the best Norwegian ingredients Made according to unique, preferably local recipes
  • Made by skilled food craftsmen

• Assessed and approved by an independent professional jury with high food professional competence

The professional jury meets four times a year to evaluate products that have applied for the label. Here you can see who is on the jury.
And here you can read more about how the jury works.
Sales of local food and beverages have increased in recent years and more and more consumers are appreciating this type of product.
Here you can read more facts about local food sales in Norway.
Who is behind the labeling scheme? Behind the specialty label scheme is Matmerk, an independent foundation established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Matmerk is also responsible for the Quality System in Agriculture and the New Norway labeling scheme.
There are currently a little over 500 food products in Norway that are approved to use Specialty. If you want to know more about the requirements behind it and what it takes to be awarded the brand

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